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reviewedcompanies.com is a free reviews platfrom for businesses, products and services.

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At reviewedcompanies.com we verify businesses by referring to the Company House, land register, business networks, credit agencies, accreditation agencies , social websites and online reviews.

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Unlike other reviews websites, we don't charge for extra features. Any business can create a business profile at reviewedcompanies.com and start collecting reviews & recommendations.

Business owners have the option to verify their business to prove their ownership of the business and that the business is still active and trading.Only businesses with matching domain name, company email and website can be verified.

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reviewedcompanies.com reviews widget allows you to display the summary of your reviews, rating and recommendations on your company website. You can specify how many reviews you want to display. You can even hide all the reviews in case you've just received an unfair, negative review.

For each review, you can add a reply.

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