Haley -

Should be more careful at these times!

Now in the 15th day of Corona virus outbreak and as I could see for the the whole last week, they are not doing anything to protect shoppers.I never seen anyone sanitising the self-checkout screen knowing that thousands use them each day. The queue is a normal queue and everyone is sticking to the next. They should have marked the floor with tapes to leave at least one metre between shoppers. And the shelves are empty because they are looking to sell more. If that's not that case why don't they price the second item five or ten times the price.

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Naim -

I live about 10 miles from the Small heath store [ Smethwick ] but I still go all the way and do may weekly shopping there. Good variety of vegs and fruits. The parking could be safer, but overall it's a good place to shop from and get petrol.

I recommend Asda/Smallheath, UK

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London  England 

Grocery Stores & Supermarkets

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Created 1 year ago

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