Maskey - The Essex startup founded in lockdown is now selling at vending machines

1 year ago   |   New startup

The new brand, known as Maskey, has just signed a deal with leading British retailer WHSmith to stock its individual fashionable face coverings on the shelves of hundreds of outlets on high streets and in train stations, airports and hospitals.

The startup, launched in May, has scaled up production levels by ten times in recent weeks and massively expanded its range of colours, designs and patterns.

With the Government announcing it will be mandatory for customers to wear a covering in most shops and supermarkets from July 24, Maskey is currently producing 25,000 individually-packaged products a week at its London factory. They come in sizes for adults and children (aged 5-10) and in WHSmith stores will cost £7.99 / £5.99.

They predict to see the 50th Vendamask mask vending machine in place by the end of July. Already these can be found across the country, near tube stations, in shopping centres and within prestigious stores such as Hamleys in London’s Regents Street. The first was launched in Essex in May.

Maskey founder Adam Freeman said:

“What we have achieved so far as a company in such a short time is phenomenal. We have repurposed an existing tailoring business, given work to 40 people and because our face coverings are washable and reusable, we are ensuring wearing one does not contribute to landfill waste. We believe they are also far more comfortable for longer periods of wear than paper alternatives.