iLoF startup received £1m from Microsoft's venture fund

1 year ago   |   New startup

Intelligent Lab on Fiber( iLoF ) is a an Oxford based startup that used disruptive platform technology, which detects biomolecules in blood down to nanoscale size – which goes down to one billionth of a metre.

iLoF received the money from the technology giant's M12 scheme and venture capitalists Mayfield which will help the company accelerate drug discovery for complex diseases and potentially help forecast the evolution of Covid-19.

Scouted from women-led companies from across the planet, iLof was the Global Deep Tech winner of M12, Mayfield and Melinda Gates’ Pivotal Ventures’ Female Founders Competition.

Tamara Steffens, managing director at M12, said: “We are so excited to name iLoF a winner of the Female Founders Competition and invest $1 million alongside Mayfield.

"iLoF’s technology promises to create effective treatments tailored for the individual, which will change healthcare trajectories for millions of people living with complex disorders.

"Their mission is humbling, and we are thrilled to support this company with our investment and as a board observer.”