How to review a business, product or service at

2 years ago   |   Announcement

You don't need to create a new account to write a review for a business, product or service at Before you submit a review, use the front page search form to find a business by its website URL, such as

Each business listed at the website should have a unique domain name that matches the website URL and email address.

If the business you are looking to review is not listed, it gets automatically created with the new review. Each review must have a category and sub category. These are the main seven categories:

Their customer service Working for them Their products & services Doing business with them Nuisance or harassing calls Business scam & fraud Other - add review category if not listed

For each selected category, you select the relevant sub category, such as previous employee for Working for them category.

At you don't have to rate businesses at least on star rating. If you are reviewing a fraudulent business that doesn't exist, you should reward them nil rating and select the category Business scam & fraud

If you are reviewing a product or service, you should name the reviewed product or service. If you are reviewing a local branch or office, you should add the name of local business to the review title.

If you are happy with a service or product, you can recommend it by ticking the I recommend this business checkbox.

Once you submit your review, you can edit your review and upload proofs of your purchase or using the service.