Nil-star rating & reporting scams

Unlike the majority of reviews platforms, you can award a nil-star rating at Nil-star rating is for reporting scams, fraudulent and dishonest businesses.

If you are dealing with an existing business or service and you are not happy with the quality of provided services or products, please award the business at least one-star rating.

If we need to warn others and believe that you were a victim of a scam, we'll feature the review in the front page as a scam alert.

This is the list of some of scams that deserve nil-star rating and being featured in the front page as scam alerts:

  • Online shopping scams
  • Phishing & identity theft
  • Hoaxes and frauds
  • Investment and money flipping scams
  • Crypto currency scams
  • Advance fee scams
  • Malware scams
  • Bait & Switch scams
  • Counterfeits product scams
  • Fake online marketplace
  • Giveaway scams
  • Romantic & dating scams
  • Subscription scams
  • Employment & fake jobs scams
  • Courier & Delivery scams
  • Gaming scams
  • Company liquidation and business as usual scam
  • Lottery scams
  • Work from home scams
  • Ponzi & Pyramid schemes
  • Amazon/AliExpress scams
  • Free gift & prize scams
  • Credit & Debit cards scams
  • Fake IT & Tech support scams
  • Gambling & Betting scams
  • Money recovery scams
  • Gift card scams
  • Forex & Stock trading scams
  • Fake invoice fraud
  • Pet scams
  • Travel & Holiday scams
  • Inheritance scams
  • Phone scams
  • Adult videos website scams
  • Educational & Training scams
  • Utility scams
  • Charity scams
  • Immigration scams