Reviews category/context

To review a business or service, you have to select the relevant review category to help readers and the business owner understand the context of your review.

Choosing the wrong category means your review is most likely SPAM. It will be trashed before we review it.

This is a comprehensive list of reviews categories . You can suggest your category if it's not listed.

  • 1.   Their customer service, such as reception, phone calls, emails, live chat or posted mail.
  • 2.   Working for them/Job application/Interview, such as current/previous employee, apprentice or volunteer, applied for one of their jobs. or had a job interview with them.
  • 3.   Their products & services, such as previous/current client, customer, student,member or user.
  • 4.   Doing business with them, such as current/previous sub contractor or supplier.
  • 5.   Nuisance or harassing calls , such as unwanted, robocalls, recorded or annoying calls, threatening, intimidating or abusive calls.
  • 6.   Business scam & fraud, such as credit & debit Cards Scams, employment scams, investment scams, cryptocurrency scams, fake / counterfeit products, online shopping scams, dating & romance scams or fake IT / Tech support scams.
  • 7.   Other, suggest the missing category